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Our commitment to providing our customers with the highest quality services is what makes R&S Supreme Mobile Wash Group the obvious choice to meet your needs. We offer the following services:

24-Hour Emergency Response

Year-Round Services

• Truck Washing and Cleaning, de-icing

• Heavy Machinery Degreasing

Hot Water/Steam Capable Machines

• Up to 3500psi
Hot water and steam helps provides a deeper clean for grease and
heavily soiled surfaces, as well as de-icing.

Remote Site Water Hauling

For locations where water hook up is not available

Roof Cleaning/All Types

Water Jetting

Underground conduits/storm drains

Environmental Power


Drain Cleaning/All Types


Ice Dam Removal

Condominium Garbage-Bin Cleaning

Condominium Elevator-shaft cleaning

Condominium underground  garage cleaning and maintenance

Fire Restoration

Commercial and residential

Graffiti Removal

From all surfaces including brick, aluminum, glass, painted metal, trucks and cars

Masonry Restoration/Preservation -
Historical Properties

For historical properties, special care must be taken to preserve the integrity of the original substrates.

Hot & Cold High Pressure Power

Building Exteriors


Decks & Deck's Sealing Removal


Washing and restoration of Fences

Heavy Construction Equipment Wash

Tractor Trailers Wash

Chain Stores and Store Fronts

Commercial Plazas Cleaning

Gum, oil spills/or stains removal, window cleaning, brick cleaning

Hospitals - sanitary cleaning and deodorizing

Schools – gum and graffiti removal,
pressure washing of sidewalks

Restaurants – kitchen (kitchen-hood
cleaning), pressure washing of patio,
window cleaning

Specialty Services (from our partners)

Industrial Coatings and Painting
Small construction services

Plastic Water Tanks Rental for Construction
• Different Sizes Available