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R&S Supreme Mobile Wash has several self-contained units that have been specially designed and engineered to water-blast surface for a fast removal of hard removable derbies such as rust and paint graffiti. We can water-blast wood, stone, concrete and metal surfaces such as: reservoir tanks, interior and exterior building restoration, construction equipment, swimming pools, fire damaged areas. We do Light water-blasting of concrete walls, graffiti removal, truck, vans and steel structures.


  • Pressurized steam or hot water melts snow and ice, removes all kind of hard removal stains off any kind of surface 

  • For underground garage cleaning we carry our own water supply and heated units that constantly heats the water as it is being pumped
  • Drain Cleaning pipe cleaning is done with low profile, high pressure jetters and vacuum machine specifically designed for drain and catch basin cleaning

Mobile Steam/Pressure Washing Units Temperatures:
Steam 350oF
Hot Water 210oF

Prior to starting pressure-washing process, we always make sure that the surface is power swept and completely free of debris to protect the drain system. Cleaning is then followed by a Power Wash to completely remove all the dirt, stains, gums and other elements from the floor surface to leave nothing but eye catching cleanliness behind.